NEW Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Release

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Rihanna released another wave of products that will have her fans and make-up fanatics rushing to Sephora and their computers to spend their coins for that Fenty glow!

Yesterday, Fenty Beauty launched its Beach, Please! collection. Before we discuss the details of this collection, let us first appreciate the awesome marketing of these products on Rihanna’s Instagram as well as the brand’s Instagram. I’ve been anticipating this release for a while, because who doesn’t want to look like a sun dipped golden goddess?!?



The Beach, Please! collection includes:

Body Lava ($59, available at Sephora), a body luminzer available in two different shades, Brown Sugar and Who Needs Clothes?!, to drench your entire body in during bikini season

Fairy Bomb ($42, available at Sephora), a glittering pom pom in Rosé On Ice to let your inner diva shine through

Fenty Beauty also released a Face & Body Kabuki Brush ($34, sold out on Sephora and, which can be used to apply the luminizer (shown with Body Lava above).

Rihanna has made it clear that she wants everyone to shine bright like a diamond this summer! (I’m sorry for being corny, but I couldn’t help myself.) However, I wonder how many people are going to turn a blind eye to the prices of these products. On the Fenty Beauty website, everything in the collection is sold out in addition to the Summer Body Essentials bundle deal priced at $135. I am a fan of her brand, but I’m apprehensive to open up my wallet this time around.

What do you all think about this collection and its pricing? Is it too bomb to pass up, or will regular highlighter do the trick just as well? If you guys see a review post on this collection this weekend, you’ll know I caved…


(How much am I willing to pay for mostly the packaging of a product?)


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