Moschino X H&M

Jeremy Scott, Moschino’s creative director, announced the brand’s collaboration with H&M during the weekend! Is this a HIT or a Hmm? The wonderful thing about H&M is that it’s a fast fashion retail store that collaborates with high-end fashion labels to make limited edition designs accessible to people that ordinarily couldn’t afford designer pieces.

I love Moschino. I enjoy Jeremy Scott’s quirky style, and the pop culture influences in his designs reminds us that fashion can be fun! However, I’m a bit weary of the brand making the move to work with H&M. Why? Well, as many of you may already know, H&M received lots of bad publicity not too long ago for featuring an African-American child model in a hoodie with a reference to being a monkey. Here’s a picture just in case you forgot!


After this stunt, sales at H&M fell substantially, and every time I pass the store I notice clearance signs. So, could this collaboration with Moschino be an attempt to make a comeback? More than likely. The question is: Will we, as a conscious society, turn a blind eye to an inappropriate advertisement that used a historically demeaning reference to describe a black child for the sake of fashion?

The clothes will undoubtedly be great; it’s Moschino! Just look at Gigi in the sneak peek look (above). Unfortunately, I won’t be giving H&M my coins for it. Sorry not sorry.

Okay, let’s talk! Tell me your thoughts in the comments below. Are you anticipating the November launch of this collab? Do you agree/disagree with my stance?

Until next time, je m’en vais!

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