Going Vegan for a Month

Well, a little longer than a month (32 days)…

I’m actually a pescatarian. I chose that lifestyle because I never consumed much meat in the first place, and I’ve watched enough food related documentaries to know that the meat industry, particularly in America, is unethical. Even though I’ve adopted a pescatarian diet, I don’t eat the cleanest. I still consume a good amount of dairy (CHEESE), and french fries are my first love. So, I’m getting my act together with the help of a vegan diet.

For the last day of April and the entire month of May, I will be a devoted vegan. I’m doing this for weight loss, improved energy, increased focus because some foods can cause brain fog, and a healthy kickstart to summer 2018 by cleansing my body the right way!

Beyoncé announced that she would be going vegan prior to Coachella, and that got me thinking that maybe I should try veganism as a diet too! I took ballet for quite a few years, and I once had a dancer’s body. Forcing myself to follow such a healthy diet will inevitably lead to weight loss especially if I get some exercise in. #BodyGoals2018

Stay tuned for a weekly vlog series on my Youtube channel where I’ll be sharing my struggles to resist topping my salads with cheese and downing milkshakes for the next 32!

Until next time, je m’en vais!

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