My Styling Process

Curating the perfect outfit isn’t something you can do 15 minutes before you need to be somewhere, unfortunately. There’s nothing worse than rummaging through your closet and piles of clothes while rushing to find something to wear. In these moments, you might find yourself saying, “I have nothing to wear!!!” You may even accept defeat and declare, “I’m NOT going!” I’ve been there many times simply because I did not plan or manage my time efficiently.


When you factor in hair, make-up, and accessorizing, looking good can be quite the event all on its own. To take the chore out of it all, you need to plan ahead. Not all of us have make-up artists and stylists on call, but we can all prepare in advance. This may bring you back to getting ready for the first day of school when your parents told you to lay out your clothes for school in the morning. The same principles apply. Figure out what you’re wearing the night before when you want to feel more put together the following day.


All my outfits start off with a specific piece in mind or a concept. My looks are dependent on my mood. I think of how I want to convey myself, and I look to inspiration to narrow the vision I have. I’m not someone who has a specific style; it varies greatly. I either like something or I don’t. I don’t like to feel confined to a certain fashion persona, and my closet reflects that. Having such a diverse wardrobe can be problematic for me however, because at times it can be overwhelming. If you are someone with a spot-on style, that’s great, since it’ll be easier for you to curate looks.

I’ve developed a system in my closet to make putting together outfits a little more seamless. I section my clothes into “genres.” For instance, there’s a bohemian section with floral prints and lots of Free People, and there’s also a modern section with bold Crayola colors and crisp, white structured pieces with city vibes. I know I can form a look by just sticking to one of these sections.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
This is a pretty simple outfit that I centered around this old Talbots silk blouse. The top is completely open in the front with one button at the collar. It’s a classic piece that I wanted to make more casual and “now.”

Working Around

Once I have a special piece in mind or a concept, I look for all the other clothing items that could possibly work with it. It’s all about filtering and filtering again. I could pick a blouse and pull 5 different bottoms that it could work with, and once I pick the bottom, I do the same thing for shoes and so on. Size and fit also play a major role. I ask myself a few questions:

  1. Does it fit (ex. too tight, weird bulge, flattering)?
  2. Am I comfortable wearing this in this specific way (ex. crop top)?
  3. Do these silhouettes work well together (ex. boxy crop top and high waisted skirt)?

Picking the Perfect Match

I’m very detail oriented when it comes to my clothes, so for example, if I’m wearing a button down blouse with gold buttons, I want the jeans I’m wearing to have gold hardware. It’s a pet peeve of mine (psycho). This all plays a role in my filtering process to create that perfect look.

Balancing the Finishing Touches 

I have at least 8 pairs of gold hoop earrings that are all different in some way whether that be size, thickness, or design. Nine times out of ten, only 2 pairs would work with a certain outfit, because I need my accessories to create balance in my outfit. If I’m wearing flamboyant clothing in bright colors, I’m going to opt for more understated jewelry. This same thought process starts from how I do my hair right down to the lipstick I choose to wear. It’s important to remember that everything works together to create a cohesive look. I sometimes even take note of my nail color and change it accordingly (psycho)…

Now the real question is: Am I really this deliberate all the time?

Absolutely NOT. Sometimes you just need to be cute on the fly, and jeans are foolproof. (Adidas leggings are heaven sent). It’s at times when you want to go the extra mile that some time must be put forth like for a job interview, a hot date, brunch with old friends, or days you just want to look damn good for yourself. Do what you feel!

Until next time, je m’en vais!

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