Hiatus & Update

Hi everyone! If you are one of my followers, I’d like to say that I apologize for putting a standstill on new content. I’d also like to say thank you for following me! I’ve been busy dealing with life (*sigh*).  I’ve also had a bit of a creative block recently; stress tends to do that. Don’t worry though! I’ll be posting regularly again starting…NOW. So, stay tuned for a daily dose of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle posts.

Vegan 32 Outcome (LOL)

I stopped at day 21… I couldn’t take it anymore. I’m sorry, but I was starving even though I was eating enough calories! My cravings for bread, butter, and cheese were just too strong. I did lose weight, about 5 lbs. It wasn’t any type of dramatic weightless. This may be a little TMI, but going vegan actually made me sorta constipated. As soon as I resumed eating like I usually do, everything was moving normally.

I didn’t see any improvement in my skin, which was disappointing. I don’t consume tons of dairy, and I don’t eat cheese every day. So, eliminating dairy entirely didn’t cause my face to clear up completely. I have vlog footage still, so if you’d be interested in seeing the final days of Vegan 32, comment below!

Until next time, je m’en vais!

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