Tom Boy, Streetwear Chat

This is for Larry…

Streetwear is one of those styles that I dabble in every once in awhile. If I’m having a lazy day, I’m probably wearing Adidas leggings and Vans or an oversized hoodie and Nikes. I never dress-up my “urban” clothing, and athleisure is a trend I admire mostly from a distance. However, I love BAPE and Supreme, bold stripes in primary colors, weird slogans, and loud logos that scream, “I cost more than your rent!” There’s a thin line between “Brand Whore” and “Stylish Cool Kid.”


I say for these summer months, crop tops will prevent you from overheating underneath a statement jacket or maybe you can opt for a sporty halter or tube top. Quirky t-shirts are cool too! Great streetwear style embraces denim on denim, so you should go for denim cut-offs with lots of fraying, zips, and/or patches and perhaps a denim bustier to match. If you want to feel more girly, throw on a denim skirt/skort with contrast stitching or an oversized jersey. As for footwear, sneakers are a no-brainer, and if you’re feeling fancy, wear breathable sock boots or strappy stiletto sandals.


Rihanna will forever be my muse for wearing clothes that don’t fit; the day I master her skills will be a great day. Rihanna is also the person that made me realize I loved Timberlands, men’s bomber jackets, huge camo coats, and Vetements. Some of the best streetwear inspo I’ve seen has come from Rih and watching hip-hop choreography on Youtube.

Windbreakers and bucket hats are key pieces. 

It’s all about how you put pieces together to avoid coming off as tacky. I say don’t do more than 2 logos at a time, but more can be MORE if done properly. Streetwear is best when it’s understated in my opinion. Wearing oversized pieces is a part of the aesthetic, but no matter what style you’re going for, you should have balanced silhouettes in order for your clothes to be flattering (i.e. snug crop top paired with tracksuit).

Until next time, je m’en vais!

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