Jacquemus On a Budget

Okay, so as I’ve already told you guys, I’m really in love with Jacquemus right now (see yesterday’s post: Jacquemus & Johanna Ortiz). Simon is an artist, and his clothes are ART. However, the way my bank account is setup makes it difficult for me to indulge. There are a few pieces from his Spring ’18 collection that I would love to own, but most of them are sold out and well out of my price range anyways. So, I’ve been on the hunt to find some similar items through my trusty fast-fashion outlets! Let us begin…

La Robe Saudade Long Strap Dress


The real deal is hard to compete with, but I found a couple of dresses that scratch the itch well enough.

‘MEGHAN’Chocolate Strappy Bandage Dress 


No, it’s not black, and yes, it’s lacking fabric and bodycon. Nonetheless, this is made similarly. Plus, it’s the only dress I could find available right now! You can get this dress at House of CB for $195.



This is merely an honorable mention that is by far the closest dress I have EVER seen, but unfortunately, it is out of stock. I apologize for getting your hopes up. It was available at Dolls Kills, and hey, in my defense, it might restock one day! If and when it does restock, I’m snatching one up with the quickness! Okurrrr! lol

La Tunique Bahia Long-Sleeve Shirt Dress


This is a popular little number (see Kardashians), and it’s obvious why! This is probably the sexist shirt dress I have ever seen, and I’ll likely only ever see it on the internet! I found a couple of contenders though!

white asymmetric satin shirt dress


These little online boutiques do the best they can, and look at this! Plunging neckline. Asymmetrical hemline. Similar enough for the price of $52 at Missguided.

peace + love orange textured satin wrap dress


Okay, I know it’s not white or cotton, but hear me out! The fabric has good drapery, okay! It has that same sexiness that Jac brings to the table. It’s available at Missguided for $75.

‘ASSATA’ White Oversized Draped Shirt Dress

assata-10.jpgHere’s another one, but it’s pricier at $149. The fabric is crepe, so it’s much closer to the real deal. You can get it from House of CB.

If any of you have dupe suggestions, PLEASE for the love of all things good and holy, tell me in the comment section below! I love the original dresses so much, and I’m contemplating buying at least one of the “dupes” I found above. If you know of something better, SHARE SHARE SHARE!

Until next time, je m’en vais!

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